Configuration And Testing For Corrlinks Video Service Application

Corrlinks is providing service of Video chat with inmate by using your computer. its users don’t have to pay any charges for this service whereas inmates have to pay for video session. Corrlinks Video session requires you to have latest operating system and internet browser such as Windows 8 or 7, Firefox or Google chrome also download and configure application of video.

Being a users you can join video session for maximum thirty minutes but before starting a video session you must confirm schedule and receive and invitation from inmate. You can only accept invitation of video from inmate when you have downloaded and configured the  video application. Corrlinks Video Application is used to interact with system of inmates for exchange of both audio and video call. In Configuration and testing service you have to test availability of hardware such as microphone, webcam, speakers, bandwidth and internet connectivity.

In this article you will come to know about how to install  video service, configure and test network connectivity, Speakers, Webcam, Microphone and internet bandwidth to start video session.

Install Corrlinks Video Service

  1. Visit Video Setup page and read End User License Agreement carefully after then click the check box labeled as “I accept the Video EULA”.
  2. Click on button marked as “Download Video Application”
  3. A pop-up window will be appeared to confirm that either you are interested to download  Video service or not. If yes click on button of “Run” resultantly process of downloading would be start.
  4. After completion of downloading process click the check box “I Agree to the License terms and conditions”
  5. Click on button labeled as “Install”
  6. Now you have to wait for up to thirty minutes to finish the process of installation. On completion you will get a message of “Set up Successful”
  7. Click on button of “Close”

Configure & test network connectivity, Speakers, Webcam, Microphone and internet bandwidth

  1. Click on short cut icon of “Corrlinks” or open Corrlinks through start menu.
  2. You need to select language of your choice in order to configure webcam, microphone and speakers.
  3. In order to log in to  website, you are required to provide “Email address” & “Password” in relevant fields and click on button of “Log in”
  4. To start the process of configuration you need to click on “Run Test”
  5. If you want to add speakers or webcam to your system click on button of “Configure”
  6. In next step you need to select working of your desired hard ware.
  7. Click on option of “Preview Webcam”
  8. Verify your webcam by viewing picture quality and frame and click on button of “Stop Preview”
  9. Select speakers to check its working and click on option of “Preview Speakers” check the sound by hearing voice
  10. To check Microphone click on “Preview Microphone” and verify by recording your voice.
  11. Click on button of “Close”.
  12. In order to test quality of your video, audio, bandwidth along with internet connection click on button of “Test”.
  13. A test for network connectivity will start and this will assure that either your connection is reliable for video call or not.
  14. Wait for a while after then if your test run successfully you will get a message of “Congratulation” on your screen or if it does not meet criteria of requirement then contact ISP.
  15. Click on button of “Next”
  16. Test quality of audio & video click on button of “Start Playback and Recording” it will take maximum thirty seconds to start test.
  17. You need to follow on screen instructions to test all requirements to complete the process of configuration and installation in order to start a video session with inmate.