Corrlinks Video Chat Service With Inmates

Corrlinks is providing an opportunity of Video Chat with inmates but in selected institutions. You can do full color clear Video and audio chat with permitted inmates by using your personal computers. Each foundation set up schedule for Video chat usually one session is of 25 minutes. This service does not charge Corrlinks users anything whereas Incarcerated send video chat request to their friends and family. Video chat is a live service provided by pilot Federal Bureau of Prison institutions and inmates have to pay a certain amount against video chat session. Without using mobile phone you can talk face to face with Incarcerated

This article will explain the basic requirements for Corrlinks video chat and how to join and accept the Corrlinks video service.

What should be in hand to use Corrlinks Video Service?

You must meet following requirements to use video service

  1. You need to have a computer system along with latest running operating system (Windows 7 or 8)
  2. You are required to have a webcam, microphone and speakers fully functional.
  3. You need to install software which supports video services.
  4. This service requires high speed internet connectivity for quick and efficient response with minimum 500 kbps upload and download intensity along with less than 100 ms latency.
  5. Your network connection must support Video service with authentic servers

How to join Video Session?

You can join video session only when your video session time arrived after than you are required to follow given steps of instructions.

  1. Turn on your computer and click on start menu, under head of “Programs” hit double click on shortcut icon of “Corrlinks”
  2. In next step you are required to select preferred language to use for navigation of Corrlinks services.
  3. After few seconds you will get log in page you have to provide your “Email address” and “Password” in required fields and click on button of “Log in”
  4. Furthermore, you have to find a button which is marked as “Join” located next to session, after finding click on it.
  5. Click on button of “Join” to proceed with connection.

How to accept a video session?

Before accepting a video session being a Corrlinks user you have to wait for your Corrlinks video chat timings and invitation from inmate. After receiving an invitation from inmate you will come to have two options either “Accept” or “Reject” Make it sure that if you are using video chat service for the first time then you have to download “Corrlinks Video Service Application” and test it before accepting a session.

Follow given steps of instructions to start  video chat with inmates.

  1. Visit official website of Corrlinks and log in to your  account.
  2. You need to click on button which is marked as “Accept” You will find a pop up window asking for your Government ID. This will include name of state which issued driver’s license, Military ID and passport details.
  3. In next step you need to specify “Issuer Type” from given drop down list.
  4. Select “Type” under its head.
  5. Provide “Number” in given text box.
  6. You are supposed to read all terms and conditions and after then click on check box marked as “I accept the Terms of Use”
  7. Click on button marked as “Save” This is how video session will be scheduled.
  8. In order to reject request of  video session, click on button marked as “Reject” positioned next to desired inmate result.
  9. This is how you can reject any session by single click but if you have rejected the session by mistake then you have to wait for next session.