How to Email Federal Prisoner using Corrlinks

Federal Bureau of Prisons allows inmates to keep in touch with their friends and family through an E-mail system named as Corrlinks. Corrlinks provides direct access to enslave to check their E-mails on their system terminals. Inmates have to foremostpayonline a specific amount to avail this services whereas it’s free for outsiders. Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) is the platform through which Incarcerated send and receive E-mails.

This article will show how to create a Corrlinks account to send an E-mail to Federal Prison inmates for free of cost.

  1. Accept an Invitation.

To contact with federal prison enslaved, you need to receive an email of invitation from prisoner where as you can create an account before getting an invitation from inmate on the other hand you won’t be able to send an E-mail to inmate until you get invitation so make it sure to get an invitation from Incarcerated to proceed with Corrlinks.

  1. The Inmate Request

Inmate Request is comprise of two important chunks of information. First is “website of Corrlinks” and second is “Inmate ID Code” later, which will be used as Identification code. Now, what you will do? You are supposed to click on website link in order to create an account on Corrlinks.

  1. Registration
  • Open an official URL Link of Corrlinks on web browser.
  • Click on button of “Register”. This will redirect you to Sign Up web page
  • Provide all information in relevant fields about name, E-mail address and password.
  • Enter Identification code which you have got from Inmates Request.
  • Click on check box to verify your age along with terms and conditions.
  • Click on button marked as “Next”. Shortly, you will get a verification E-mail in your inbox.
  1. Enable E-mail Alerts

A window will be prompted any time which will ask you to input “Inmate’s ID code” in relevant field after that click on check box of “Enable E-mail Alert”, for further help click on hyperlink of “What’s this?” Click on button of “Accept” This process will help you to get an E-mail alert on your regular inbox whenever you will get a message through Corrlinks.

  1. Compose a Message:
  • Later, you will get a Verification E-mail from with subject title “Sign up Verification Link”. In email you will get a verification link click on it, this will redirect you web Sign up web page.
  • You are supposed to fill registration form by providing your name, Address line, city, country, state, zip code, phone number and click on button of “Next” this will take you to account page of Corrlinks.
  • In order to access your mailbox click on icon of “Mail box”. In next window you are supposed to click on link of “New Message” which will take you to message box where you will compose an E-mail
  • You will get a “Message Box” which is divided into three section of “TO, SUBJECT and Message”. Click on area of “To” a drop down list will be appeared you need to select the inmates to which you want to make an E-mail. Enter purpose of E-mail in section of “Subject” and write message in body section.
  • You can write an E-mail to single or multiple inmates at a time. After writing an Email click on button which is marked as “Send” to send an E-mail. If you want to save E-mail as Draft click on button of “Save” located next to “Send” button or to exit click on “Cancel” button.