Major Misconceptions To Use Corrlinks Services

Corrlinks has made it possible for people to remain keep in touch with their relatives and friends those who are enslaved. Through service of Corrlinks, now people have become able to send and receive email messages from those who are incarcerated. Before 2009 United States Bureau of Prisons was using “Federal Prison Email” to communicate with incarcerated persons but later it was replaced by “Corrlinks Service” which is an improved version, came into existence due to partnership of service provider of “Advanced Technologies Group” and “correctional institutions”

Overview of Corrlinks Services

Federal Bureau of Prisons provide access to prisoners with a computer system which is named as Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), it allows incarcerated to make and get emails with permitted contacts. Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System is quite simple to run from computer kiosks and inmates will get access from their housing compound. Keep it in mind that it won’t be applicable for contacts of community fellows. At its core  Service is generally an official email service which is designed for prisoners and it is completely different from commercial email service of prison. In commercial email service, usually print outs of emails are handed over to inmates where as in its service, it is letting prisoners to get a direct access to their email message on their computer terminals, they can even take print out of their email message by paying some cents.

This article will resolve some major doubts faced by families of prisoners while making an effort to send an email.

  • Misconception of Traditional Email

Most of the confusion occur due to being a new user at Corrlinks. People think that they can use traditional email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo etc… to send an E-mail to inmates but it is not feasible in case of Corrlinks. Here some steps are given which will make it clear how to access services.

  • At the moment Incarcerated enters email address of community fellow in Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System, an E-mail would be forwarded on the respective E-mail address with steps of instructions about how to register at official site
  • You need to follow these instruction to activate your account. Later, being a user log in to account to send an email to inmate. This is how you can send an email to your friend and relative who are enslaved.
  • In order to receive an email from inmates don’t think that you will get an email message on your traditional E-mail box, rather TRULINCS is used for such purpose which is a personal electronic message portal.
  • System Restrictions about an Email
  1. An E-mail can be comprised of 2000 words, 13000 characters including numbers, letters, spaces and even punctuation marks.
  2. You can send multiple E-mails in a day with no limit of total number of E-mails.
  3. As far as style restrictions are concerned you can only use black text to create an E-mail, attachments and images are also not acceptable.
  • Total cost to use Corrlinks Services
  1. Total cost for using Corrlinks service basically depend upon the agreement of service provider and incarceration bodies.
  2. According to contract, prisoners of federal will be charged five cent per minute whereas community fellows don’t have to pay any fee in order to use  service.
  3. Enslaved will be charged only if they are residing to Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System public Texting.
  4. It is better to deposit an amount of 15 dollar to 30 dollar per month to correspondent of communication for the ease of incarcerated to use Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System service.