News Services of Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System

Federal inmates are allowed to subscribe with free or paid news services through their computer terminal. This service enables them to stay well-informed with national, local and province news related to any specific issue. Now they can catch up news on daily or weekly basis into their inbox. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is letting inmates to access a computer named as Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS) to manage their account, through this account inmates can send E-mails to staff, communicate with their family, buy MP3 songs, keep record of contact numbers even they can print their E-mails.

This article will explain how news services works for inmates and what are different types of news along with their cost.

News Services Activate Through TRULINCS

Organizations and different businesses along with general public are allow to provide news collection and distribution services to specific set of inmates. As there is no limit of contact list and number of emails that can be send. It is free to send an email to single inmate or multiple inmates at a time. Likewise news distribution process is simple, make an email of news select number of federal inmates and send it. Obligation of these organization is to collect news article or create an email regarding newsletter and forward it to permitted list of incarcerated contact. A single organization or company are having more over thousand federal inmate subscribers.

There are number of news services which are presented for federal inmates. Some of the most assertively recognized Corrlinks news services which are close to free of cost are presented below.

  • Prisology News Services

Prisology News Updates is a mutual service of Law offices of Jeremy Gordon and National criminal justice reform organization. This Prisology News Service allows inmate to get subscribed with weekly articles, newsletter, report of Federal Bureau of Prisons population and parliamentary updates right into their Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System. Prisology News services is different from others as it provide a great opportunity to inmates to recruit them against their skills. Eligible inmates will go through a scholarship contest and winners will receive a free course via Adams State University.

  1. Federal inmates should subscribe to Prisology News updates by adding following address to their contact list.
  2. Email address and postal address 215 W. Franklin Street, Ste. 100, Waxahachie, TX 75165.
  • Legal Assistant News Services
  1. Legal Assistant News Services is considered as one of the most well recognized service among inmates.
  2. Inmates have to pay $1 per month to access this service also a small amount of fee for daily usage.
  3. Inmates use for blog post and it is usually out of reach because most of the prisoners are not able to access internet connection.
  4. Inmates can subscribe by adding given address to their Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS). Address is given as accesslegalaide@gmail.comO. Box 30407, Philadelphia, PA 19103.
  • Inmates Law and Inmates Education News Services

Inmates Law News Service and Inmate Education is a cooperative service of given URLs & Subscribed Inmates will get an E-mail of news updates on very Monday, Wednesday and Friday whereas all news updates based on law of prison, education of prison and rights of prisoners. A large amount of content will be provided by MSN News as per agreement.

  1. Federal inmates are required to add given address to their contact list in order to get subscribed with Inmates Law and Inmates Education news services.
  2. Address is given as 3900 Pelandale Avenue, Box 319, Modesto, CA 95366.