Privacy Policy

Our website is providing an effective privacy policy related to security of user’s information. Every time user interacts with website, privacy statement deals with data collection, its usage, security and integrity of personal information in safe and secure manner. This Privacy policy usually deal with what type of information is collected, what is the procedure to collect information and how it is used?

In this article you will come to know about latest privacy policy of our website. Please read with great care.

Collection of Personal and Non-Personal Information


We collect both personal and non-personal information of website’s visitors along with internet browsers and servers. In personal information, we collect information related to your requests and communication with customer service department. In order to avail any service of official website you are required to register yourself with particular service by providing your name, address, contact number and E-mail address. Customer service department stores email records and queries of customers for effective communication. In non-person information, we collect information about Internet Protocol address (set of numbers assigned to your personal computer) which operating system and web browser is active. This information is use to administrate the whole system, examine rate of traffic on website along with maintenance facility.

Protection of Shared Information with Third parties

We share visitor’s information with service providers in order to support functionality of website, upgrade marketing of operations and to enhance factor of usability in website. Service providers or third parties are permitted to use visitor’s information on behalf of us whereas they also have to follow defined privacy policy and terms and conditions. Moreover we may share visitor’s information with affiliated institutions, contractors and employees to provide more efficient and reliable services to customers according to nature of information.

Information Safety

We use various protocol and tools to secure the process of collection of information. Safety measures therefore incorporated into design and implementation phase of website. Details provided by visitors are usually encoded to portal system while processing their invitation. For more security users of websites are highly recommended not to disclose their sensitive details such as password, Email address, and credit card number to anybody either through mail, chat group or on call.

Use of Cookies


Cookies are generally bits of information which is stored on personal computers of visitors and it activates when visitors access the website. Cookies provide information about number of visitors, number of web pages viewed and trend of content. Some web pages are designed to receive cookies, website users can activate and deactivate process of receiving cookies. If user don’t want to receive cookies he or she may access Help or Tools menu of browser to disable or delete the cookies from personal computer. The only drawback which suffer is that some of its functions and services can’t operate without cookies so at some point it is necessary to receive cookies from visitors of website.



Ads displaying on website may be provided to visitors by advertising company (Partners) through cookies. Cookies are used to permit server of ads to recognize visitors and its personal computer each time and forward an online ad to visitor’s screen. Our privacy policy only covers usage of its own inserted cookies rather than cookies inserted by advertising company.


Revisions to the Privacy Policy


We may revise its privacy policy any time as needed to make some changes to services and industry. Changes in privacy policy will be posted on website on required date so visitors are required to review web page of privacy policy frequently to see updated version of privacy policy.



How to Contact or query about the Privacy Policy?

We welcome your queries and remarks. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.